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Children of Mandrake, by Jesse Stein

All summer, it’s been raining every day except for Thursdays, and no one knows why.

In the town of Mandrake, Truman and Donna are the only kids, the only ones who care about the rain. For Donna’s thirteenth birthday, Aunt Ginny, the town hermit with perfect, undying hair, promises to make her famous pecan pie, but only if they can find the special cinnamon tree somewhere down the river that hides Mandrake from the outside world. What seems to be a simple errand turns into a race for their lives, as an evil force uses all of its power to stop Truman and Donna from solving the mystery behind the summer of rain.

In Jesse Stein’s debut novel, Children of Mandrake, we learn that no one is just one thing. We are all pieces, and even if your pieces don’t fit together like everyone else’s, they can still give you the power you need to change the weather.

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