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Come Kill Me!, by Mackinley Greenlaw

A desperate mother embarks on a chaotic, crime-laden road trip in search of her missing transgendered son…

A frustrated woman discovers a problematic shortcut to physical perfection in the bowels of her gym locker…

A working man finds himself at severe odds with the cult-like popularity of his lazy roommate’s magical bellybutton… 

Come Kill Me! is an absurd, satirical, and often searing debut collection from Mackinley Greenlaw, author of Pushcart Prize nominated “A Fresh Dog.” Confident and relentless, these voice-driven stories rip into modern themes of identity, gender, and body image with a serrated, socially conscious edge. As his characters bumble from one extremity to the next, Greenlaw constructs a stark, funny, violent world in which no one is safe from the ultimate pitfall—their own ego.

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