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COMFREY, WYOMING: Marcela’s Army, by Daphne Birkmyer

If little Marcela Crow had not been born to a body identical to her twin brother’s…

Would a young potter, who as a child lost her family to a house fire, have found the strength to parent her own child? Would a metallurgist have managed to forgive himself for betraying his brother, and fall in love again? Would a talented, heavily-scarred Shoshone chef have continued on his path to redemption? And, if the Crow family had not moved to Comfrey, who would have become the obsession of a strange and precocious four-year-old boy?

Book Two of the COMFREY, WYOMING series by Daphne Birkmyer introduces a small army that gathers to support Heidi, guardian to the Crow twins, as she reopens the town’s only restaurant and helps Marcela transition to her authentic self.

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