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Conri, by Samantha Davenport

Coming back from the dead sucks.

Resurrecting from the dead was never meant to be easy. All of Ami’s cherished Bonds vanished, leaving her to rebuild connections from scratch. As she battles to forge new ties, fresh trials emerge. Her newfound captaincy appears promising, yet the formidable Head General Tso is unwavering in his determination to banish her. With Generals Lee and Mason pursuing their own ambitions and Rikardi maintaining a watchful gaze, Ami navigates a treacherous landscape.

Amidst fears of a shattered alliance with Jasmine and a resurfacing Dali curse, Ami seeks support among the Nobles. But there’s more—a dire situation brews beyond Talient, demanding her attention. Living again might not be ordinary, but it’s certainly never dull.

In Conri, book two in the White Dragon series, Ami’s resilience shines as she confronts the trials of the living and the challenges of her newfound captaincy. Can she rally allies, salvage alliances, and confront the growing threats, or will she find herself swallowed by the chaos she faces?

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