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Controlling Chaos, by Michael Estabrook

Michael Estabrook probably should have called this mixture of poetry and prose “Everything but the kitchen sink” because that’s what’s in here (actually there is a kitchen sink in here come to think of it, two of them in fact). A long poem of sorts, a hybrid collection of lines and sentences, statements, stanzas and paragraphs, prosy poems and poemy prose arranged in no discernable order displaying, dissecting, exemplifying, exposing, or simply touching upon topics affecting the so-called human condition. Controlling Chaos is encyclopedic in its scope touching upon everything from Ailurophilia to Zelophobia with a multitude of topics in between such as: Animal Facts, Dream Fragments, Mythological Beasts, Pandemic Poems, People Profiles, Shakespeare, Existentialism, God and the Devil. Ordinary rules of poetry and prose have been cast aside, eighty-sixed, thrown out the window, flushed down the drain as the reader meanders through the cacophonous conundrum that is human and natural history on our tiny world floating aimlessly in the immense never-ending ever-expanding universe of space-time.

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