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Convivial Communiverse:Poems, by Lucie Chou

Walk into this communing poetisphere as if you are heading out to Mother Nature.

Behold a daisy whose eye is ardent as a miniature sun, a purple columbine whose dark beauty makes a witching hour of noon, a scarlet tulip that bursts open like the Big Bang…Everything connects tentacularly to everything: the Canadian goldenrod defies its stereotype as a bio-invasive by weaving homophonic entanglements between “guilt” and “gilt”, the gold thread stringing all life together. Then, wade through once-pristine cyclical time into deeper waters of nature’s grief and joy — “weather-sorrow” of seasonal harmony jangled by climate crisis; rapport with a cat shivering in winter predawn. Philosophical meditations on being ensue, proceeding to where thought translates into action.The book ends on memory, mourning, and protest: a “saga” to commemorate a sweet gean tree that grew up symbiotically with the speaker and was callously mangled by horticulture. The overlapping, looping structure of the sonnet crown insists that each single being is uniquely significant and each loss extraordinary.

Synthesizing air of a Romantic imagination, moisture of a Victorian naturalist’s empathic curiosity, and essential minerals of an  innovative ecopoetics, Convivial Communiverse respires like a plant that “worlds its own world”, exemplifying lessons of love and ethical existence.

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