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Cowboys & Conductors, by Dustin Davis and Paul Jan Zdunek

“Cowboys and Conductors is a must read for anyone interested in the art of leadership. Told through the lens of the human-horse connection, the authors lead the reader on a skillfully orchestrated ride into the grey.”

~ Jan Neuharth
Founder, Paper Chase Farms, Inc.
Author of the award-winning Hunt Country Suspense Novels

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to traverse today’s complicated world? Having trouble finding your true purpose, surrounding yourself with the right people or creating the perfect place within which to flourish personally and professionally?

You are not alone.

Listen in as a horse-whispering cowboy and orchestra conductor turned CEO share their journeys and lessons learned. Their boundless approach to extremely complex issues yielding transformative results is the essence of GREY LEADERSHIP®.

Saddle up for an epic ride through the vast terrain of humanship!

“As someone who has led large teams in both corporate and non-profit situations, this book points to the key insight that leaders win the trust of followers with patience, creativity, and engagement.”

~ Alan Mason
Managing Director, BlackRock
Board Member, League of American Orchestras

“A fine thought-provoking book which ably connects the dots between two seemingly very different professions and ways of life that, because of these authors, we find have a lot more in common than one could have expected.”

~ Nicholas McGegan, OBE
Music Director Laureate, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Chorale

“As a voracious reader of business motivation and self-improvement books myself, Cowboys & Conductors is one I learned the most from in at least a decade. It’s a totally fresh and exciting look at leadership, management, and life!”

~ Robert Eckert
General Manager, Steiner Germany
Head of Beretta Optics Global

“The authors’ down-to-earth approach to an incredibly complex topic that plagues every personal and professional leader on this planet is not only easy to understand and implement, it’s also both comforting and challenging at the same time.”

~ Mathew Knowles, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO & Executive Producer, Music World Entertainment

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