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Cracking of the Mask, by Alexander Green and Maria Petrova Green

Everything had been planned and executed to perfection. Where was the satisfaction, then? Why was happiness always so elusive?

Plagued by burning existential questions, Zenon McClow, a businessman with a checkered past, writes a novel set in the mysterious land of ancient Thrace. Zenon’s historical fiction endeavor, The Mask, is inspired by a kind-hearted Bulgarian girl who introduced him to the colorful world of the Thracians.

In Zenon’s tale, a young Greek scholar, Trysimachus, embarks on a perilous quest to the court of the Thracian king Ketriporis. As Trysimachus is forced to confront his own prejudices and fears, Ketriporis must deal with the increasing threats to his rule…

Beset by perils of his own—amidst ill health—Zenon re-examines The Mask, convinced it contains clues to help him resolve his troubled past. What will The Mask reveal to Zenon?

In Cracking of the Mask, readers will experience the revival of an intriguing ancient culture as they embark on an epic journey through battles, adventure, and political intrigues. Along the way, they will encounter the everlasting conflict between our personas and who we are beneath the masks.

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