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Custom Cover Design

From: $800.00

Atmosphere Press has long been acclaimed for the diverse excellence of its cover design, and now we bring our cover design team to you, even if you’re self-publishing or working with another publisher.

Our goal is not just to make gorgeous and successful covers, but covers beloved by the author of the book. We do this by zeroing in on what you want for your cover, both by understanding your book and what you ask for, but also by studying the aesthetics of other book covers that you personally like. Because we can’t build a cover you’ll love until we know what style–from image to color to font to composition–really catches your eye!

With this package, you’ll work personally with our Art Director, and then our team of experienced designers will work hard to build a design that knocks your socks off.

Cover Design

Paperback/Hardcover/Digital Design ($1200), Hardcover/Digital Cover Design ($1000), Paperback/Digital Cover Design ($800), Choose Your Own Partial Payment

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