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Dancing with David, by Siegfried Johnson

A boy’s miraculous birth in Bethlehem was vastly unlike Jewish messianic expectations. Might God’s next act be unlike Christian expectations? What if, before Jesus returns, God chooses to send another miracle child . . . a girl?

In January 2021, archaeologist David Aaronson unearths a 3,000-year-old autobiographical psalm of David near the Dead Sea, inscribed across six tablets and dedicated to a mysterious woman the king calls his Kochav Hayam (Star of the Sea). The discovery lends credence to the claim of Aaronson’s former student, Stella Maris, who since 1988 has told of dancing with King David in a vision, he calling her his Kochav Hayam.

When the new psalm tells of a hidden seventh tablet, the king’s dying prophecy awaiting discovery by his Kochav Hayam, Stella heads to Jerusalem to reunite with Aaronson, rekindling the attraction both resisted exploring thirty-three years earlier.

In Dancing with David, Siegfried Johnson leads readers on a Holy Land quest for the seventh tablet. Could Stella and David’s miracle child, proclaimed by believers to be the Daughter of David foretold by the seventh tablet, bring peace to the Holy Land? Dancing with David’s explosive ending affirms that though our enemy is powerful, hope endures.

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