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Dare To Love, by RaLuca D. Gruin

Like the journey of the soul that has been colorfully painted on a white canvas, Dare to Love unfolds essential sentiments and feelings in its most candid, honest, and hopeful way. Raluca Gruin showcases an ocean of human interconnectivity, emotional struggles, and renewal. In life one must thrive, and not just survive.

Throughout the book the author meticulously describes “inner soul” dialogues in which love, pain, forgiveness, joy, and hope are expressed authentically. There are many ways of viewing romance and intimacy. Everyone has a different way of saying “I love you,” but the essence is to never give up on loving, to stay connected, and to care deeply. You are immensely growing when you compassionately share your emotions.

The love you share is nothing but freedom on wheels.

Dare to Love will touch your heart, inspire you to approach life positively, and will invite you—in spite of life challenges—to dare to love in many colors.

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