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Dark Horse and Other Stories, by David Ellis

Four tales of the unsuspecting….and the devilish, the Beast of our nightmares, guests in all these stories, but in rather different guises.

Take a seat in the parlour and listen to the remarkable story of a man who, in attempting to escape from a grim reality, finds an even grimmer unreality, at the end of an impossible journey where a horror awaits that will change his life forever. Follow the unravelling experience of Dougie Wipton as his local world is contorted by impossible coincidences. At the end of Aiden’s journey is an impossible rainbow…but what made the insane footprints that take him there? Pubs are one of the most traditional, reliable aspects of life, but Adrian Golgarry is introduced to one that requires a check of the weather forecast before your visit.

The stories in David Ellis’s collection were never intended to meet, they come from different times and spaces. Almost by accident, they have come together and to their pleasant surprise have found that they do have things in common, things to talk about, the journey, the unexpected experience, the impossible rainbow.

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