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Dark Traffic, by R.A. Van Vleet

“The twists and turns had me captivated and the personal struggles the characters had to deal with was so vivid that I could feel the emotional pain, embarrassment, indecision, and desire of each. I was shocked at the visually violent way some of the bad and the not so good guys met their fate. I have to admit I hated the unexpected ending, but then there was another unexpected surprising twist.”
– Tag Gilbert

Dark Traffic is a fast-moving action thriller novel loosely based on true events about a sex trafficking organization operating in the Los Angeles, California area. Retired DEA agent Ian Martin runs a private security and investigation agency in Ventura, California and provides security for The Great Nations Import Company. An accident involving a Mrs. Ashley Davis and Ian brings the two of them together. Mrs. Davis is separated from her billionaire husband, Jon Davis, who is a property developer and owner of large apartment buildings and rental homes throughout the United States, England, and France. Ian and his team provide security for her after Ian and Ashley are attacked at one of Jon’s rental properties and it marks the beginning of multiple attempts to eliminate Ashley and Ian. Ian, with the help of his team, a woman connected to the sex trafficking organization, and his old DEA boss, finally discovers the people behind the attacks and the reason for them. When everything seems to be resolved, a shocking conclusion devastates not only Ian, but everyone involved in protecting the billionaire’s wife.

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