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Detour: Lose Your Way, Find Your Path, by S. Mariah Rose


At the crossroads of Native American, new age, mystical, and nature worship, in the colorful backdrop of Santa Fe, New Mexico is Detour. Earthy, poignant, and steeped in culture, this self-realization memoir is an inspirational guide for anyone in transition, discomfort, crisis, or the space between what’s been known — and what’s next.

When her traditional life design begins to suddenly and tragically dismantle, Mariah is stranded and broke in Santa Fe, New Mexico without a compass or a plan. An unexpected series of twists and turns takes her into foreign territory to experience a healing with a mysterious acupuncturist, the holy dirt of the Santuario de Chimayo, the Spanish Farolitos celebration, and a Native American corn dance, to name just a few of her adventures.

What begins as a brief detour in the colorful fringe of the Santa Fe community leads to a seven-year exploration of self-discovery, as Mariah steps out on a transformational Vision Quest to reveal what has not yet been visible.

Detour explores what can happen to any of us when life unexpectedly shatters our plan. Mariah embarks on a journey of renewed hope, clarity, and truth when seeking freedom from fear, guidance for direction, and answers to her deepest questions. A biographical adventure, Detour weaves together the universal threads of self-discovery, life purpose, and spirituality with a traditionally structured mainstream world. The book reveals deep truths that lift us out of crisis and uncertainty and into realization and renewal. Mariah’s message of awakening and redemption is a gift for today’s seekers, reminding us that it is often in falling off the beaten path that we ultimately transform and heal from disillusionment, illuminating our inner compass that leads our way.