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Detoxing from a Narcissist, by Natalie Jambazian

Take back control of your life from narcissistic abuse with practical healing strategies.

This book extends a lifeline to those who have endured or are currently enduring narcissistic relationships. With an empathic approach, it offers a roadmap for breaking free from the emotional entanglement of narcissists, detoxing from their manipulation, and reclaiming personal empowerment. You’ll discover how to cleanse your life from the toxic cycle and embark on a healing journey towards self-empowerment, resilience, and a brighter future.

The 12 stages of healing from narcissistic abuse will guide you through a metamorphosis process of transformation. Each stage is designed to assist survivors on a structured journey of recovery. This comprehensive workbook provides survivors with a clear roadmap, combining expert insights, personal stories, and practical exercises, enabling them to navigate the path to self-empowerment and reclaim their lives from the shadows of narcissistic abuse.

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