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Divine Agenda, by E. M. Bher


You search the scripture believing that you can find eternal life; it is the scripture that testified to me and yet you refuse to come to me and receive life. Many Christians still refuse to receive eternal life.

It has been my quest in life to search and decipher those enigmatic books, perhaps mysterious, confusing, contradictory, but definitely divine. Those books in different sequences and contexts show the Bible as an agenda.

The Divine Agenda is divided in two parts: explaining what had happened to previous generations, and what is to happen to this last generation. When this last generation started, Jesus came to save us. Is He the only One who can save us?

In life as an agenda everything is planned, starting with the basic, ending with details. Many are working the agenda, some of the work is kept secret. The Apocalypses when it started and how the prophecies had been fulfilled. How can you receive eternal life?

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