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Don’t Poke the Bear, by Robin D’Amato

It is 1995, and Mayor Giuliani is well on his way to creating a New York City inhospitable to bohemians. As three nonconformist friends negotiate demanding work schedules, difficult boyfriends, and an abusive housing market, they try to rediscover joy in their changing but beloved City.

Yet ninety-hour work weeks are not for the faint of heart, and the friends’ schedules are interfering with their lives. Allie’s relationships suffer, as she is unavailable much of the time. Rihanna lives on her philandering boyfriend’s party boat and is sick and tired. And Natia gives up all her free time and security to be with her soulmate. Maybe life would be easier elsewhere. However, the City is ever-enticing, ever-entertaining, ever-captivating. Living elsewhere is not an option.

Don’t Poke the Bear is a Sex and the City for real people. With no fantasy shoe collections, no money for amazing dinners, and no access to the hottest clubs, the friends in this book encapsulate the actual heart of New Yorkers: determined, spirited survivors.

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