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Dragon of the Deep, by Steven Armstrong

Months have passed since the tumultuous events in Selnes, and Skylet finds herself back in the Mysteya mountains, forever changed. Her life and family have been reshaped, and with a newfound dragon hatchling by her side, she faces unexpected challenges in caring for the little one.

As dreams of her dragon siblings intensify, hinting at mysterious forces at work, Skylet embarks on a new journey to find them, praying they are still alive. Yet, the path ahead is far from clear. A power-hungry monarch desires more control, while officials from Selnes seek justice-or perhaps vengeance. Amidst the turmoil, a mysterious sea dragon with unclear motives adds to the uncertainty. Can Skylet trust this enigmatic creature? Can she even trust her own emotions? Either way, she is ill-prepared for the astonishing truths she will uncover.

In this gripping fantasy adventure, Skylet must confront treacherous foes and face inner conflicts. Join her as she navigates a dangerous landscape of intrigue, alliances, and secrets. Will she be able to reunite with her dragon siblings and unravel the enigma of the sea dragon? Find out in this thrilling sequel to Dragon Daughter.

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