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Drifters, by Stuart Silverman

A Stunning new collection
from Stuart Jay Silverman, author of
The Complete Lost Poems: A Selection

“I think of poetry as a creative art, not primarily a form of expression, which reeks too much of pathos, the self-aggrandizing narcissism of our fearful times. Of course, the subjective enters into every poem ever composed. A sentient and thoughtful being does the creating. When the poem gets away from the purely confessional, it has a chance to expand its poet’s experiential horizons and, in
consequence, that of the empathetic reader.

The result is what I call a subsistent reality, in effect, an extension of the possible world whether naturalistic, surrealistic, or fantastic. It links to the
plastic arts of painting and sculpture, and, perhaps, to architecture and music, by providing altered perspectives. new realities, or quasi-realities for the immensely complex mind which is the essential person.”

~ Stuart Jay Silverman

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