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Early Release, by Lyn McCauley


It’s incredibly easy to get yourself into prison. Seriously. Any idiot can do it. But it takes an exceptional individual (in Frank Parson’s opinion anyway) to get himself out of prison on his own terms.

Frank is an old school con. Do the crime, do the time. But 20 years! For getting rid of that idiot Fisk? Frank has no intention of doing 20 years for what was essentially a public service.

Day-one of his sentence and Frank is already working on an early release plan that was going to make him a free and famous man. Sure, it will take time to maneuver himself into the right joint, make the right connections and gather the right team. But when the time is right, Frank will be ready.

In Early Release by Lyn McCauley, we follow along as Frank develops his meticulous release plan. Unfortunately, he can’t anticipate the interfering cop who will make it her life’s work to ensure that Frank Parsons spends the rest of his days behind bars.

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