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Embodying the 12 Steps Workbook: Kundalini Yoga for Recovery, by Rachel Surinderjot Kaur

This workbook contains powerful, embodied practices to help those recovering from addiction find a deeper mind-body-spirit connection.

Through yoga sets, meditations, mantras, breathwork, and self-reflection, readers are taken on a journey through the 12 Steps of recovery. Suggestions for each Step are easy to follow and include personal stories from those in recovery. This program is designed to address any issue (addiction, mental or physical health problems, relationships) and in any program (AA, NA, Al-Anon; or no program at all). You can be new to the Steps or have worked through them many times. The pairing of Steps with embodied practices comes from the author, based on years of experience in recovery and her work with others as a yoga teacher and therapist.

In a world where addiction and other challenges loom large, a path to recovery is the key to personal freedom and healing. Let Embodying the 12 Steps: Kundalini Yoga for Recovery by Rachel Surinderjot Kaur be a light in the darkness on a journey towards an embodied spiritual and emotional recovery.

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