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Emotional Liberation: Life Beyond Triggers and Trauma, by GuruMeher Khalsa

Imagine that whenever you feel bad, you could always know why and, more importantly, what you need to do to feel better You’d never be stuck in anxiety, depression, or dysfunction. You would handle any new crisis and recover from upsets quickly.

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced trauma and the pain that causes heavy emotions and everyday reactions. Mindful processing of emotions is the key to recovery. Discover how your feelings can be tools for personal growth. Emotional Liberation teaches you to work well with your feelings and take control of situations that upset you, with practical tools to heal old wounds, find empowerment from trauma, and transform self-defeating patterns.

When emotionally agile, you can handle strong emotions and keep your cool when others are losing theirs. When emotionally skillful, you understand what others are feeling and can help them, rather than being triggered and drawn into their drama. Emotional Liberation is the freedom to live fully and authentically, and to move through the ups and downs of life with wisdom and grace.

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