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Eyeless Mind, by Stephanie Duesing

Stephanie Duesing’s life exploded in ways that she never saw coming. Deliberately and repeatedly abandoned by her own mother in early childhood, Stephane was forced to beg strangers to help her find her way home. Because of these terrifying experiences, she developed a deep compassion for all living creatures and found a wonderful husband. At the birth of her son Sebastian, Stephanie was forced to confront her mother’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy and to take serious steps to protect her precious newborn from his own grandmother. With her loving husband’s quiet strength to buttress her and the help of an excellent therapist, she built a fortress of physical and emotional well-being around everyone she cared for—especially her genius artist son.

To her horror, Stephanie discovers overnight that the safe and loving life she has fought so hard to build has failed to protect her only child from danger. At the same time, she makes an extraordinary scientific discovery. A modern Everyman, Stephanie battles a medical establishment that has collectively turned a blind eye to millions around the globe. Stephanie Duesing is a new author with a strong voice and a unique, compelling true story that draws pathos and humor from the absurdities of life and what happens when nothing you think will happen actually does.

Atmosphere Press

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