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Eyes On Our Future Together, by Julianna Pinkhasova

“My future… OUR FUTURE.”

It’s been a few years since Rosie fled from her obsessive stalker, Jason, but life has brought them back together—and Jason wants revenge.

Despite Rosie’s efforts to move on with her life, Jason’s psychic abilities have grown stronger, and his desire to control Rosie has only intensified. He is determined to make her his and will stop at nothing to claim her, even if it means torturing those she cares about to get what he wants.

As Jason’s threats become increasingly dangerous, Rosie finds herself trapped in a twisted game of cat and mouse where the stakes are life and death. With each passing moment, it becomes clear to Rosie that the only way to escape Jason’s grasp is to outsmart him. But as the threats pile up, it’s uncertain who will be next to suffer his cruel and dangerous tortures.

In the captivating suspense novel, Eyes On Our Future Together, Julianna Pinkhasova expertly weaves a chilling tale of obsession and revenge, with a protagonist who is forced to confront her deepest fears to survive.[forever: Jason tries to control everybody, including the one and only girl he has his eyes on.

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