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Family Crystals, by Amber Vonda


In the small town of McCleary, a family comes together to celebrate Christmas. Before the fun can commence, however, something frightening happens. The ground starts to tremble…a flash of blinding light sparks outside the window. Upon exiting the house to see what the quake may have destroyed, the family not only meets a new world, but Angela McLean meets a legendary creature that’s about to alter their lives forever.

Entering Drakous Realm, they find themselves in precarious situations. Angela’s brother, Izak, meets a woman with the power only a lifetime of magic can provide. Their sister, Neveah, is being stalked by a sorceress seeking revenge, while their mother, Julia, meets a man who may be a mate like no other in existence. As a normal family turns into humans walking in a mystical realm, the twists and turns become more remarkable and mysterious with each step.

In this story of unity, battles fought with hellish beings, and life both below the waters and on land, the family finds they are connected to both the good and the bad entities within this new world. In Family Crystals, author Amber Vonda gives readers a slew of opportunities to discover lives they would have never thought possible.

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