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Finding the Elixir, by Scott Looney


“With authenticity, humility, and an unabashed love of baseball, Scott Looney embarks on parallel journeys of exploring the world and discovering himself. Eat, Pray, Love + Field of Dreams = Finding the Elixir.”
-Amanda Turner, New York Times bestselling author

“Success isn’t the end of the road. Success IS the road. In Finding The Elixir, Scott Looney demonstrates how the power of hope connects us all. His authentic stories speak to your soul and make your toes wanna tap!”
-Brad Dalton, bestselling author of DNA of A Winner, “Best Self Catalyst” Speaker, Positive Leadership

How do you reset your life after the person you’ve spent nearly two decades with says they’re not sure they ever loved you?

I didn’t realize this painful moment would be the beginning of a process toward finding answers which would be my healing elixir. Saying Yes to spontaneous travel and meeting unexpected friends resulted in a newfound freedom leading to even more adventures.

In Finding The Elixir by Scott Looney, we gain an appreciation of how finding hope—and happiness—is possible after various life transitions occur. As some chapters end, others continually emerge when connecting with people, places and moments.

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