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Finding the Grain, by Linda Fifer

“Denial is a powerful thing…”

Izzy Stark, returning home from her service in Afghanistan, faces a heart-wrenching tragedy when her husband Dave is killed by an IED just weeks before his discharge. The shattered dreams they once shared now burden Izzy alone as she navigates her civilian life in Whistle Canyon, Colorado, where Dave had inherited a home. While Dave’s memory haunts her, new friends like Ben McCully rally to help mend her neglected home.

Fellow soldier and friend, Tom Biddoe, reconnects with Izzy to work on a project. He feels compelled to share long-held secrets about Dave’s death. However, an enigmatic mystery box arriving in the mail forces Izzy to ask more questions, leading her to uncover a truth Dave never wanted her to know.

As Izzy wrestles with Dave’s lingering influence in her life, she learns that, like the growth rings of a tree, she can heal by Finding the Grain.

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