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Finding Us, by Kristin Rohman Rehkamp

Kristin was terrified she was going to lose her daughter. Her daughter could not breathe, her chest hurt, and she was experiencing loss of sensation in limbs, dizziness, and disorientation…all rolling up to a state of terror she had never before witnessed. It was September 16, 2020 and her life changed, suddenly and without warning, with her daughter’s onset of a panic disorder.

Living with a mental illness is a journey that is messy, complicated and often misunderstood. Despite our best efforts, an experience we cannot control, but instead bravely learn to live with, learn from, and feasibly teach others.

In Finding Us, Kristin Rohman Rehkamp shares her story to educate and bring visibility to what living with a child braving a mental illness looks like and feels like. Her hope is that her memoir normalizes the mental health conversation, while providing others comfort and support in knowing their unique challenges and journey are understood.

Kristin gives a memoir that is personal and passionate; it is contemporaneous, insightful and wise. “Finding Us” is unerringly truthful to the experience for those who have never had mental illness in the family, and those who HAVE will recognize their own stories within it.

– Dan Parnell, NAMI affiliate leader

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