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Five Wishes, by Karin M. Gertsch

“Five Wishes … A travelogue of a family’s journey, both literally and figuratively, as they navigate their way through life-changing and life-affirming events. Karin Gertsch has created a family story that immediately welcomes the reader to join them at the kitchen table. Set in a small town in Massachusetts, the tale takes you to the back roads of Sedona and to the castles of Scotland, and lands you right back to home and hearth. This is a heartwarming blend of history, love, and lore, served up with a hot cup of tea and a warm dish of peach cobbler.”
-Daisy Nell, Author, Songwriter

“I was delighted to spend time with the denizens of Hamlet, a town that changes slowly but is all the more endearing for it. Likewise, as the characters in this book realize they have become stuck in their ways and must force themselves to find new adventures, I couldn’t help but be touched by how they approached their problems. Gertsch is a born storyteller and the tales within this book have charm to spare.”
-Hannah Harlow, Owner
The Book Shop of Beverly Farms

Five Wishes takes place in Hamlet, a New England town. Delbert MacInnes is content to live where he was born and raised. “I’ll look out another window if I want a different view,” he says. Matilda MacInnes isn’t the complaining type; she wants her family to believe she’s happy with her life, but for decades she’s hidden a big secret, and it wants out! When an unexpected event happens, Matilda discovers—though she is no longer young—that wishes can still come true.

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