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For Stormboy, by Craig Robinson

Unveil the electrifying secret that could shatter a tormented superhero’s world.

Samual had always been the scourge of Westside known as Stormboy, the superhero no one wanted around. With powers of lightning that surge beyond his control, he constantly walks the razor edge of keeping the citizens safe and being another murder ridden headline, The streets know him as an agent of chaos, but beneath the electric exterior lies a man grappling with his inner demons.

In the shadows, Samual finds Solace under the mentorship of Freight Train, another enigmatic hero, but the weight of his responsibilities intensifies when a bewitching woman stumbles upon his secret identity. A dangerous connection forms, threatening to expose the fragile balance he’s struggled to maintain. Can he keep this woman at arm’s length and safeguard the secrets that’s kept his life together?

In this unique tale of self-discovery, Samual must confront his deepest desires and the consequences of his double life. How much does he have to sacrifice in order to be himself?

After all, the mantra always remains: Everything for them!

Atmosphere Press

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