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Glass Flower, by David Procaccino

July 1972. Vietnam is ending but not for Jim Malory, veteran and psychiatrist. Back in Glenwyth, the jewel of Philadelphia’s Main Line, Malory wants to be just another doctor, husband, and father. But his pregnant wife Maria fears that he’s lost his mind, and their daughter Ruthie—ignored by her preoccupied parents—drifts toward destruction, searching for human connection no matter the cost. When the psychiatrist gets two new patients, a fellow Vietnam veteran and a college dropout not much older than Ruthie, Malory hopes to fix them and, in the process, fix himself, his marriage, and his relationship with his daughter.

But with each step towards transcendence, he’s pulled further back—his terrible past becoming intertwined and finally indistinguishable from the tragedy of his present. He may have survived the war, but the smoldering ashes of Malory’s trauma threaten to consume him and everyone he touches in an insatiable fire.

A character-driven, psychological thriller taut with family dysfunction, Glass Flower comes to a startling conclusion: Without forgiveness, trauma lasts forever.

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