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Gloppy, by Janice Laakko

LT awards gold

Fifth-grader Dee Lanson has had it with Samantha’s weird stares! To make matters worse, Samantha wheedles her way into Dee’s friendship circle and flips everything upside down. Dee seeks revenge against her enemy and finds herself in the deepest trouble she has ever been in. On top of that, she’s bored at school and called to the principal’s office so often that the path leading there likely has her name on it! She must find her way out of trouble and win her friends back. But how?

Meanwhile, the fifth-graders are competing in girls vs. boys kickball and softball games. Each team is determined to outscore the other. Things become pretty wild both on and off the field! At home, Dee mixes it up with her little brother, Joey. Will there be any peace?

Gloppy is a heartwarming tale of friendships and forgiveness that will stick with a reader long after the last page has been turned.

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