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God? WTF?!, by Charmaine Loverin

How do we help a five-year-old identify and fearlessly speak up to stop abuse? How do we help parents, guardians, families, and communities sustainably interrupt the pattern of child-trauma before it becomes a tragic and systemic cost of youth and adult mental and physical illnesses, including suicide?

In a time where mouths are told to keep shut and shame stigmatizes plenty, Charmaine finds her voice. From child abuse to domestic and sexual assault, from high-level media success to bankruptcy, from homeless to heavenly homes, through two marriages and living a bisexual life, along with a riveting battle against three of the largest systems, Charmaine still had no idea what was in store for her on the horizon — proving to be her greatest and literal fight of her life!

In God? WTF?! by Charmaine Loverin we experience a raw vulnerability rarely seen as a social norm — an intriguing true story that relentlessly tests one woman’s life-long loyal grit and grace with trauma, faith, and spirituality. It is Charmaine’s hope that through sharing her story you are left touched, moved, and inspired to take on every struggle like it’s a new opportunity.

“If I didn’t believe past impossibility, I wouldn’t have lived such a rich life!” -Charmaine Loverin

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