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Godless Grace, by Michael Terence O’Brien

Is it possible to live a fulfilling life of gratitude, joy, and humility in a state of grace without religion and a belief in God?

A cold hard look at the human predicament of existence in this universe based on the empirical knowledge we have today, Godless Grace uses narrative and poetry to go where people fear to tread. Not an everlasting life in heaven, but a finite life, here and right now. Godless Grace seeks to examine and reinterpret life’s journey from an atheistic point of view to see a life full of possibility and ultimate meaning.

In Godless Grace by Michael Terence O’Brien, we experience the remarkable good fortune that this universe exists. That stars formed and brought forth live on this planet. That the cosmic lottery has given us, evolved for us, a brain capable of a consciousness to be aware of it all. We see how to enfold this awareness of presence into a constant source of wonder and exhilaration.

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