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Golden Threads, by Uranbileg Batjargal

Uranbileg Batjargal, indeed, walks in two worlds, her feet kicking up soil along an unfamiliar path, and the breeze lifting her into a limitless dreamscape. Fortunately for us, she is a writer, a poet, a shaper of images. In her sphere, we experience both the grit and delicacy of her attention. Her words hint and declare the personal-shared of love, of loneliness, of memory, of humor, of terror. To read these pages for the first time is a pleasure; to read them again is irresistible.

Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies, Facilitator and Teacher of Family Constellations

Golden Threads is nothing short of an astonishing journey into self-transformation. Magic is woven all through Uranbileg Batjargal’s poetic quest through the landscape of father, mother, lovers and self. We begin with great severance, come to the threshold of new meaning and finally we gain insight into how one collects a web of new identity and incorporates that being-ness as she quests forward. We wander, we search for true love, we learn to listen.

Carolyn Dawn Flynn, author of Resurrection and Pretend, founder of The Story Catalyst


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