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GROW: A Jack and Lake Creek Book, by Chris McGee

GROW, the second in a trilogy following Jack and Lake Creek, is a robust adventure in the vein of Edward Abbey, recognizing nature and the environment’s essential role in our survival.


All public school teachers Jack and Lake Creek wanted to do was spend their summer break hanging “Earth Message” banners from the Midwest to the Southwest, warning of our planet‘s destruction. Then they’d return home, their identities safe, to start another school year. Normal life would continue.

But that didn’t happen. Everyone knew who they were now. They were considered fugitives. Homeland was after them and a private energy Corp. they targeted was offering a forty-thousand-dollar bounty. Their assets had been frozen, their teaching licenses revoked, and their beautiful farmhouse in the country with two dogs and a cat, they might never see again.

Jack and Lake had two choices: Turn themselves in and go to jail, or continue their quest to give voice to the earth. They chose the latter. And any hope of normalcy vanished.

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