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HAG, by Bernie Christensen

Just like JAWS, except when it’s not.

Sparks, Nevada, Friday evening, 6:05 PM. An explosive killing in an outdoor public bathroom sets off a brutal battle. Within two hours, peace is shattered as another savage toilet attack occurs on the ground floor of a Reno residence.

Sirens wail and ambulances race across Truckee Meadows, tending to brutally wounded victims. Mayor Pete Ferrari rushes back to his Reno office, but Saturday brings even worse news. Unbearable casualties spread to the surrounding elevations.

In desperation, Ferrari reaches out to Dr. Oakes, director of the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Oakes, accompanied by his attractive lab assistant, doctoral candidate Kristian Bjornsen (KB), volunteers to fly his seaplane to Tahoe City, where they’ll be picked up by Detective Able Sanchez.

By Sunday, authorities link all attacks to a water source and a pungent earthen hole in an outdoor Forest Service toilet. KB devises a desperate solution: citizens must stay away from water until officials can eliminate the threat posed by the savage HAGFISH.

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