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Hart Street and Main: Metamorphosis, by Tabitha Sprunger

Could you risk everything you have to save someone you barely know? Would you be able to summon enough courage to leave everything behind? Only time will tell…

It’s been months since Skye first journeyed through the Second World and slept under the stars with Olli, the future King of Humans in the land known as Gresham.

Skye has been up against more than other girls her age: kidnapping, death threats, and royal princes. But now she faces something even scarier than the Second World. She has to first survive graduating high school. Through friendship and love, Skye may just have a chance to make everything right.

But she wasn’t prepared for just how dark the Second World could be. The vile sorcerer known as Fideleroi had been hard at work while she was away. No one is safe anywhere. There is no place to hide. Join Skye on her next adventure into the Second World filled with twists and turns. And battle with her against dark magic and evil sorcerers. Will she finally find out what it takes to rule a kingdom, or will she lose everything to discover what she’s capable of?

Atmosphere Press

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