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Heartheaded, by Constantina Pappas

The heart always tops the head. Or does it?

In Heartheaded by Constantina Pappas, society solely revolves around what Zodiac sign each individual is born under. Everything from where one can live, to whom one can spend the rest of their life with is determined the minute they’re born. Fifteen-year-old Cancer Coral Ray never had an opinion regarding the love restriction until now.

She has fallen madly in love with an Aries named Deimos Polnz, and finds herself at high tide. Cross elemental relationships are illegal, but no amount of laws can prevent her emotions from running wild. She knows the situation she’s about to get herself into could result in her being locked up for many years, but her heart is willing to risk it for the guy she loves most. There’s something about him that draws her nearer that she’s longing to explore. However, her consciousness keeps holding her back.

In this story, we experience firsthand what it’s like for a teenage girl to undergo this internal tug of war that not only strains their mental health, but also the relationships in their life.

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