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Heirs of the Promise, by Langdon Franz

For two hundred years, Kilal has dutifully carved intricate runes into his wrist every forty-eight hours to maintain his Immortality. But now, faced with the disappearance of his daughter in the Ashen Lands, the presumed death of his wife, and the imminent threat of his sworn enemies breaching the Sunlight Domain, Kilal’s sanity teeters on the edge.

Haunted by hallucinations and tormented by whispers in the dark, Kilal embarks on a desperate quest. He must assemble a band of warriors to thwart the encroaching Ash Fallen invasion, while also confronting the Heirs of the Promise, a mysterious group that has infiltrated his land and corrupted his fellow Arbiters.

Amidst the chaos, Kilal’s need for the Carving of Immortality intensifies. He must rise above his crumbling mental state and combat the encroaching madness, for his daughter’s fate hangs in the balance. With time running out, Kilal must defy his own limitations, uncover the truth, and find the strength to reunite his family.

In a world where Immortality comes at a bloody cost, Kilal must navigate a treacherous landscape of loss, enemies, and corruption against a backdrop of impending doom, where every decision carries weight and the search for salvation becomes a race against time.

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