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Here It Comes…and It’s Gone, by Richard Sipe

“As you turn the page in this quirky poetry collection, here it comes! Each poem is a surprise journey of fun, starting with ‘Evil Glass Dog.’ Feel the sense of wonder reading this book. Then it’s gone…” – Janay Cosner

Immerse yourself in this collection, where myriad souls abide. Encounter the likes of Rod Serling, Judas, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Dunn, Franco Harris, and an eerie glass dog within Richard Sipe’s latest work. These diverse characters come together in a tapestry that delves into the fleeting nature of existence; a reckoning with the ephemeral nature of all things.

With a sharp wit, Sipe guides us through themes of hunger, love, time travel, bowling, and an unforgettable ride in a hearse. These narratives culminate in a gathering that beckons us to ponder the journey we’ve unexpectedly embarked upon and the party we somehow crashed.

Atmosphere Press

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