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Hidden Parable Theory, by Matthew Diefenbach

New to theology, hidden parable theory describes a biblical code that is based on passages in the Bible which can be found in paintings, iconographs, Christian relics and even historic documents such as the United States Constitution.

In this book, you will examine various artifacts containing a code and learn techniques to identify it in the many objects that have been preserved till this day. You will also apply your knowledge studying artworks so you can develop the skills and become your own hidden parable theorist. By learning this theory, you will gain a new perspective in appreciating the many artifacts that have been divinely inspired in Christianity, therefore entering a new dimension of the Bible never before seen.

In Matthew Diefenbach’s Hidden Parable Theory: A Biblical Code Revealed, we embark on a quest to discover holy treasures that have been influenced by the divine presence, resulting in true masterpieces of craftsmanship! Come and experience a crusade of the arts which began over 2000 years ago and continues to affect us into the 21st century.

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