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Hobson’s Mischief, by Caitlin Decatur

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio, winner of the Smart City Challenge and home to countless public servants, such as Ellen Matthews – a Software Engineer with spunk and a wayward car. After Ellen uncovers election tampering on Primary election day, telling anyone about it isn’t as easy as it seems, and powerful special interests are trying to kill her.
On the run, Ellen and her longtime boyfriend, Zach, team up with some quirky characters to try to mobilize a cadre of cyber security experts to dismantle the criminal enterprise. The ordeal lands Ellen in a posh Columbus penthouse, then sends her flying, first, to Gulfport, Mississippi, and then to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she must gather her courage and persuade some pretty intimidating experts that she’s uncovered malfeasance.
Dismayed and delighted, Ellen finds herself irresistibly fascinated by the mysterious Yoshiro Wright, Ph.D. times two. Dealing with it is going to require some serious soul-searching and courage…is Ellen up to the task?

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