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Holding Superman’s Hand, by Amy Katherine

Despite their memorable rough start, it was Matt who held her in his arms that night in the taxi, pulling a seatbelt over them both as she sobbed, and it was her who tried to wipe the blood seeping through his shirt and into hers. Maybe he wasn’t this premier villain she had imagined all along. But does she have the courage to find out?

Seventeen-year-old Amy Emerson has just been granted a scholarship, enrolled in her first semester of college classes, and has been hired for a highly coveted bartending job in Austin, Texas. It is almost as if the world has been handed to her on a silver platter — polished and waiting. So, what is standing in her way? Or whom?

Matthew Abernathy is a no-nonsense bouncer and graduate student from the Texas Hill Country with an intimidating glare, a high tolerance for hot sauce, and an immense dislike for anything that goes against his code of honor. Oh, and he looks just like Superman, and laughs like Santa, which isn’t helping things.

Will Amy eventually figure him out, or will it be a disastrous emotional entanglement from the start? Only time will tell, as this coming-of-age love story unfurls into an intriguing, compulsively readable, unstoppable new series.

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