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Holidays in Trees: Harvest Festival, by Cammy Marble

Did you know there is a community of animal kind that lives in the trees? Have you ever
wondered what they do all day?

Volume II of Holidays in Trees takes you into their leafy world in Harvest Festival. All
the animal friends spend a happy day together, sharing what they have and counting their
many blessings. At the end of the festival, will the Batty Brothers successfully fly their
new invention they call a kyte? Will the Crows want this kyte up in their sky territory?

These forest families only use what they need, take care of their environment, and show
love and kindness to one another. There may be a thing or two to learn from the
woodland creatures and their ways! Follow along as Chester Scamper narrates this
holiday tradition and takes you on an exciting autumnal adventure.

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