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Hollow Gods, by Davidson Loehr

A combination of Kahlil Gibran and Dr. Phil, theologian and lifelong liberal Davidson Loehr brings a much-needed clarity to the reasons that liberalism has done such deep harm to areas including education, the media, politics, race relations and religion.

The problem in all five areas is the fact that for two centuries, liberals have been sloughing off biblical religion with its supernatural God and mythical eternity in Heaven. But with what do you replace heavenly eternity and an omniscient God who loves you? For two hundred years, liberals have sought to replace heaven with a utopian socialism here and now, in which only they are in charge. Such a utopia would require the wisdom of an omniscient God. In place of that, liberals have put their own exalted, diploma’d, wisdom. Only degreed liberals are smart enough to replace God. But no, they don’t have wisdom—only arrogance and a desperate lust for power to replace the respect they can’t earn from other citizens.

In Hollow Gods, we see and feel the terrible and deadly cost of failing to find adequate replacements for God, heaven, and healthy, responsible religion.

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