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Home Within a Landscape, by Alexey L Kovalev

With all disagreements and calamities pushing us apart from each other, it seems unachievable to turn things around. If only we could glimpse at what this momentous turn might look like. Maybe it will encourage us enough to pull all our strength and just do it.

We might realize that some of our immediate neighbors, unapproachable tycoons and celebrities, most influential politicians, our devoted teachers, war veterans, even foreign monarchs, and the Pope are also striving for this turn. And all it takes is one decisive move. So, let us see how it could unfold and what treasures we will begin uncovering along the way.

The United States takes it upon itself to untangle the country from a deadly grip of unresolvable world affairs. It starts practical healing by building a reasonable future and placing its bet on reasonable people in all ways of life. Watch private prison guard teaching an intellectual gay woman from Boston target shooting at local range; meet a gifted biology student from North Korea giving unorthodox analysis of Hamlet; or read personal rendering of the Exodus and American history of slavery in the diary of a suicidal IT specialist. You will see how much more rich in thoughts our souls are, far richer than we expect them to be.

After all, if St. Francis could have established peace between villagers and a wolf, nothing is out of our reach in our Home within a Landscape.

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