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Hot off the Press

No one is more important to Atmosphere Press than our authors, and with that in mind, we’re always happy to feature some of our newest releases. This time around, we wanted to spotlight three of our newest books, all with very relevant subject matter: the pandemic, the call for economic and social revolution, and climate change and the environment.  Check them out!

Pandemic Aftermath, by Trond Undheim

We are in the pandemic now, but what happens next? This book offers five ways to look at the coming future, crafted as scenarios, based on the author’s study of the forces of disruption that brought on the pandemic. It offers suggestions to remedy its consequences, or even enable segments of society to thrive on it. The first portion of the book is non-fiction. The second portion is a scenario-based novel, the book charts new territory by interweaving the grim reality of 2020 with a first-person exploration of the next decade as if we were already in it. The five scenarios considered are: Borderless world, Nation state renewal, Two worlds apart, Hobbesian chaos, and Status Quo.

Trond Arne Undheim is a futurist, speaker, entrepreneur and former director of MIT Startup Exchange, based outside of Boston. Trained as a social scientist with a career in technology and innovation, he is the CEO and cofounder of Yegii, a search engine for industry professionals, providing collective intelligence. Trond holds a PhD on the future of work and artificial intelligence and cognition. Undheim is the author of Leadership From Below (2008) and Disruption Games (2020). His next book will be on the future of technology.

Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind, by Tina Tru

A new normal needs a radical dance. These poems are about revolution in movement. The personal is the political and the political the social. Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind asks important questions: What are antidotes to individualism, nihilism, cynicism, and hypocrisy? How does one hope in loss? The reader steps poem-to-poem weaving in and through past, now, and future. Through shared exploration of human connectedness with nature, we overcome loss and despair. Every move requires solidarity. In this consciousness, we repeat patterns of courage: to protest means we refuse to suffer and demand justice in public; to love means we choreograph our nakedness through brave decisions on boundary and pleasure. Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind provides a window to how we relate and move. We are organized and ready to fight for the world we deserve. Our dance will destroy and rebuild through the power of the working class.

Tina Tru is a radical queer Feminist-Marxist and teacher who uses nature, history, and science to convey themes of loss, love, feminism and liberation. Her writing focuses on workplace conditions, food, labor rights, femme-ness and LGBTQIA rights. You can find her poetry and articles in the Tipton Poetry Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Arrival, Scalawag, Monthly Review, and Truthout. Between writing breaks, she enjoys dancing, reading, cooking, and lately…zooming.

The Sacrifice Zone, by Roger S. Gottlieb

“How does she do it?” marvels Daniel Aiken. While the environmental crisis fills him with rage and fear his lover and fellow activist Sarah Carson still takes joy in life. As their work becomes increasingly dangerous, a tragic accident makes him face another question: can he learn her secret—or will his heart become yet another sacrifice zone? American Buddhist teacher Anne Sattvic’s spiritual tranquility is giving way: long suppressed memories bring back the devastation caused by her sister’s heroin addiction. Facing the past, Anne must decide how much of her mastery of Buddhist teaching is only a mask hiding a sacrifice of both family ties and her own ability to feel. “Sacrifice Zone”—A Place so polluted it can never be cleaned up.

Roger S. Gottlieb is professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the author or editor of 21 books of philosophy, religious studies, environmentalism, and contemporary spirituality, including This Sacred Earth and A Spirituality of Resistance. His short story collection Engaging Voices won a Nautilus Book Award.