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How Not to Sell, by Rashad Daoudi

How Not to Sell offers every level of salesperson useful tips and strategies to make mediocre salespersons more effective and superior salespersons really effective. A must read.

~Michael Farmer CEO, Innova-Learning

Throughout my career I’ve read many books about sales, and I often find myself thinking about the differences between what authors write and reality as I know it. I have yet to come across anything that provides a realistic characterization of the field. No sales person is admitting what they did wrong and certainly none are writing about how a majority of the time success has as much to do with luck and circumstances than art and skill. No one is writing about reality, until this book. If you have ever posted something to social media about your sales job like #winning or #hustle, this book will surprise you. Because for me, being in sales has never been about waking up, grabbing a protein bar and energy drink, and following one of the so-called sales guru’s 15 steps. To me sales is about survival. In some jobs it’s been week to week, in others year to year, but nevertheless, survival. Rashad Daoudi has lived the game and understands the grind that sales is. His book reflects this and his ability to separate fiction from reality.

~Todd Svec Vice President, K-12 Solutions

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Rashad Daoudi worked in sales for 15 years at eight different companies, including Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill, and Salesforce. A Cleveland native who graduated from Ohio University in 2002, he ended his sales career in 2017 to pursue writing full time and other personal and professional endeavors. He currently lives in Austin, TX. You can follow him at

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