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How The Blind Detective and His Seeing Eye Dog Saved the Narwhals, by Shawn Adair Johnston

Narwhals: It’s the year 2079. Narwhals, the last tusked animals still living in the wild on the planet, are being pushed to extinction by poaching in the Canadian Arctic. The poachers are, however, about to confront the most remarkable team of human and non-human investigators ever assembled.

This story is told by renowned blind detective Peter Straw, who purports to use his “third eye” in catching bad guys. Straw and his intellectually augmented seeing eye dog, Watson, are hired by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to assist them in the investigation. As the result of recent advances in synthetic brain implants, the investigative team also includes Aristotle Jones, an augmented chimp, and Emma Fitzwater, an augmented porpoise.

While How The Blind Detective and His Seeing Eye Dog Saved the Narwhals by Shawn Adair Johnston is whimsical and at times laugh-out-loud funny, it also describes a world that could be just over the horizon. A world in which blind men and women can be heroes. A world enriched by the intellectual augmentation of those animals closest to and most beloved by us.

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